Email Solutions

Email is an essential part of business communication. Deciding on the correct balance of features, cost, and security for your email can prove challenging. DP Consulting Services Inc has years of experience with wide array of solutions and will recommend the most robust and economical e-mail solution to meet your business needs.

DP Consulting Services Inc enterprise class email solution leverages the powerful features of Microsoft's Exchange Server. Microsoft Exchange is a messaging and collaboration software that is widely used as an enterprise email solution. Its major features include email, calendaring, contacts, tasks, shared collaboration, and support for mobile devices and web-based access. Microsoft Exchange Server will give you access to a wide range of tools that will improve work flow, integrate with handheld devices, better staff communication, improve correspondence tracking, allow for critical historical archiving and increase efficiency both inside and outside the office.

Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange is the ideal solution for businesses looking to expand on the capabilities of traditional email without taking on the cost of building an in-house Microsoft Exchange Server solution. Even the smallest companies can benefit from this powerful business email and collaboration tool for a low monthly fee.

Microsoft Exchange is the world's most popular business messaging platform. Its major features include email, calendaring, contacts, tasks, support for mobile devices and web-based access.

Mobile IT

When you are away from the office you still need to have access to your email. Microsoft Exchange includes a web portal designed to function identically to the Microsoft Outlook application on your computer. Whether you are at home or on the road you can access your email from any computer with an internet connection just as if you were at your desk.

Microsoft Exchange is designed to integrate with several different handheld platforms. Whether you are using an iPhone, Blackberry or other Windows Mobile Device you will be able to synchronize your inbox, calendars, contacts, and tasks wirelessly.

Shared Folders

With Microsoft Exchange you have the option to share address books, calendars, tasks, and email. The public folders are totally customizable, meaning that you can give different users different levels of access to each folder. Create calendars for each department, or a central list of contacts for the entire office. The configuration is up to you!


The Microsoft Exchange email solution allows you to customize how your email is handled. Any mailbox can have multiple addresses. Email can be forwarded to specified email accounts if necessary. Groups can be setup to allow mail to a single email address to be delivered to several users.

Desktop Faxing

With Microsoft Exchange you can also replace your fax machine by using our Desktop Fax solution! If you already have a qualified server, we can setup this solution on your existing business server. If you don't have a server or wish not to make any investments in equipment and software, our Hosted Exchange solution may be perfect for you!

The powerful suite of collaboration tools allow you to communicate with your staff via calendar sharing and scheduling, centralized address books, project planning and "to do" lists.