Digital Archiving

As more and more companies enter the digital domain, we are faced with challenges related to the increased storage needs for digitized documents and images.

DP Consulting Services Inc has scalable storage solutions that account for all phases of the most demanding digital archive project.

DP Consulting Services Inc can help you digitize everything from paper receipts, to paper contracts. Whether you need consulting on managing of a digital document archive project or would like a ground-up solution for a digital image archive, we have the partners, the tools and expertise to lead the project to completion.

Convert, Organize and Search We can recommend robust Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software to convert scanned documents into editable text files and can implement solutions that will help you retrieve documents based on content.

Our Partners

Our Partners - Dell - Apple - Microsoft - Adobe - Cisco - Trend Micro - Xerox - Blackberry - Sonicwall